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Earn a Ticket Offers | WINNERS AREA
Earn a Ticket Offers

On this page you will find a few items that can earn you a free ticket into the 50/50 draw.
When you buy one of these items you are automatically entered in the 50/50 draw. Buy 2 items and you earn 2 tickets into the 50/50 draw.
Basically, each item purchase rewards you a chance to win the 50/50 draw.
These items also have free shipping, you only pay for the item price.
You can pay by Paypal or money order, Use the Ticket Picture on the main page to use Paypal, or email me for my shipping address and you can send me a money order.
All prices are in american. All sales are final.


Festive Celebrations Marquis® Collection - Goblets

Each holds 350 ml (12 fl. oz.). 23 cm (9") H.

© 2003 Waterford Wedgewood USA